Sunday, 8 April 2012

Walk The Line

Watching 'Walk The Line' fascinated me, mainly because of the wonder of the 50's style. I love that men looked so suave and effortlessly cool with their slicked back hair and dapper suits. The way women wore prom style dresses with endless underskirts and how their hair always looked picture perfect. The film is amazing it's based around the life of Johnny Cash & his partner June Carter (played by Reese Witherspoon who is simply beautiful). 

Here's my outfit from today. I jump at the chance to dress up fancy so seems as it's Easter Sunday I used this as an excuse to do just that.

Love Emily x


  1. i love your style and that dress looks great on you! i could probably never pull off something like that :/

    and i'm in love with your shoes *_*

  2. oh my, I love so many things about this I don't even know where to start! those colors together, and your hair, and the shoes! love love love your sense of style! ♥