Saturday, 7 April 2012

What Every Woman Should Know

So, today my look was inspired by a magazine I bought in WHSmith's surprisingly enough. I originally went in to buy I.D magazine and whilst searching the shelves came across one of the most wonderful magazine's I'd ever seen. It's called 'What Every Woman Should Know - Life Lessons From The 1930's' and it was produced exclusively for 'Daily Mail'. It's filled full of articles from the newspaper during the era from fashion, household tips & food. Some of them are rather interesting like fig sandwiches 'perfect for a picnic' (apparently). But it's such a good read I would definitely suggest you buy it if you are ensnared by the 30's the same way as me. It's priced at £5.99 which I thinks fair, it's such a lovely book to keep hold of.

& Finally today's outfit. . .
Mainly these beautiful crochet vintage gloves reminded me of the 30's and the way they wear such elegant dainty pieces.

Love Emily x


  1. gorgeous pictures! your blog is beautiful! :)♥

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