Friday, 8 June 2012

Frozen Charlotte

Yesterday I went to an event at Middlesbrough's art gallery MIMA it was called 'Fashion Rules' and was a collaboration of independent boutiques and stalls. It was really lovely and nice to purchase items from people who really appreciate it. I had the most amazing melt in the mouth fudge I've ever tasted I could of ate the whole stand, the best thing was it was eton mess flavour MMMM.  Bought a art & culture magazine called Aesthetica which is really interesting and has beautiful visuals so I was quite pleased with that. Even more pleased when I walked outside to find a huge tent full of vintage goodness. Rails and rails of vintage dresses, shoes, scarfs and hats. I managed to compose myself and not splurge and bought a nice blue hat with decorative feathers & a silk leotard decorated with cherubs and hearts.

Here's what I wore
Vintage Kimono Jacket, Dead Man's Glory Vintage £10 (wow)
Crochet Dress, Charity Shop £3.50
Vintage Ankle Boots, Ebay £5

I also dipped my hair in a Lavender colour, very whimsical. 

I called the post Frozen Charlotte because I came across the term yesterday when my mums friend claire mentioned it to me, and sparked my curiosity. Frozen Charlotte is a name used to describe a specific form of china doll made from 1850 to 1920. Male dolls (identified by their boyish hairstyles) are called Frozen Charlies (how cute). They are beautifully haunting and very alluring. I have become quite inspired by the concept and applied to be ELLE magazine's Fashion Editor Intern. I had to compose a mood board of my idea for the October issue photo shoot, It would be mind blowing if I even came close to winning and I would appreciate your support.

my mood board

Love Emily x