Thursday, 7 June 2012

Style Crush

My recent style crush is Kemp Muhl. She is an American model/actress/singer beautiful and talented how lucky can you be, pffft. I found her whilst browsing for models for a fashion show online for a University project and ever since have been transfixed by her personal style and how she projects an enchanting aura of elegance. I've been quite inspired by many of her outfits and even bought a second hand kimono which is dripping in golds with dashes of faded corals and lilacs. Now I just need a suitable occasion to wear it, and i can't wait. I admire the way her outfits are an explosion of eras entwined in to one amazing look. I think exploring eras is the most exciting way to wear clothes, wearing pieces with history provokes my curiosity and sparks my excitement.

Love Emily x

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